Donkey milk in cosmetics

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The donkey milk through the ages

Donkey milk cosmetics has been used and praised for thousands of years as a great health and cosmetic ingredient. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was famous for her donkey milk baths.Cleopatra bathed in Donkey milk for silky soft skin. Hippocrates the father of medicine, was the first to write of the medicinal virtues of donkey milk and recommended it for numerous health & skin conditions.

In the Roman era donkey milk was recognized as a common remedy, Pliny the Elder (23 – 79 AD) in his encyclopedic work, Naturalis Historia, wrote extensively about its health benefits, but it wasn’t until the Renaissance that the first real scientific consideration was given to donkey milk.

Queen Cleopatra was famous for her donkey milk baths that gave to her skin and body an everlasting beauty.

Donkey milk composition

Rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins & minerals to regenerate the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Rich in phospholipids, ceramides and proteins, it promotes long lasting skin hydration.

Mild composition makes it ideal for sensitive, dry skin , cracked skin and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Donkey milk properties

The milk of donkeys is regenerative for the skin because of high levels of protein, phospholipides and ceramides, which in turn confer it with both soothing and restructuring properties.  The product possesses a verified anti-wrinkle effect, eliminates wrinkles and prevents these from appearing product of the passing of time in the skin, face and neck. On the other hand, it eliminates and reduces the signs of expression.

Donkey Milk Facial Cream is also a powerful tensor and a hydrator of the skin.

Donkey milk nowadays

Being praised by the ancients as a cure for a variety of ailments and an anti-ageing skin tonic, donkey milk is enjoying lately  a revival in cosmetology thanks to its incredible benefits on the skin.

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