Booster serums

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No matter what specific skin problem you’re dealing with such as dehydrated skin, wrinkles or dull complexion, you have a precious ally on the way: the booster serum.

Booster serums: what they are and how to use them.

The booster serum is like a shock treatment, able to resolve specific skin problems. With a booster serum you can get results faster compared to a regular serum thanks to its highly conentrated ingredients. It can be applied to a specific area or all over the face.

Serum or booster

You can use a booster serum as well as a regular serum simultaneously since they aim to achieve different results.
Boosters help to boost the overall skin health at the surface level by providing skin hydration and stabilising the skin’s topmost layer. The uppermost layer of skin is instrumental in protecting it, and provides a barrier from external environmental influences like infections and dryness. Regular use of a booster can improve the skin’s hydration level and radiance. They target and can prevent skin issues such as sensitivity, irritability, sudden redness or flare ups, and dullness also In a combination or mature skin, adding a booster will calm the skin and make the serums work more effectively.
Serums are designed to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin (as they have a smaller molecule size) that regular creams or lotions are unable to access. They can target surface skin problems such as dryness and blemishes as well as address deeper skin issues like breakouts and ageing.

Boosters in your beauty routine

The booster serum can be applied on its own, before applying your moisturiser It can also be mixed with the moisturiser then applied both morning and night. You olnly need three or four drops of product to apply, using circular motions and gently tapping the product to the skin.

Booster serum products

We’ve selected for you  some of the most effective to check them out here.