Payment & Security

At our online store you have the opportunity to use the most secure and widespread payment methods available to all online stores around the world. In details the payment methods are:

1) Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)
For your security, encryption 256bit is used. Your personal data, such as credit card number, expiration day and card security code CVV2/CVC2 are not stored on our server. Our website does not store any kind of credit card data, instead we use Eurobank paycenter as a payment gateway.  After choosing the credit card as your payment method you are redirected to  Eurobank paycenter where all card payments are secured. All credit card payments are held in Eurobank paycenter enviroment and not in our website. For more information about your personal data you can read the Privacy Policy section.

2) Pay-Pal
It is the most widespread and secure method for online transactions. (Additional 4.7% Fee)
Complying with PayPal’s acceptable use policy this payment method is unavailable for Cannabis- CBD- Hemp Cosmetics. If you wish to buy Cannabis- CBD- Hemp Cosmetics you must choose a different payment method eg. credit card.

3) Cash on Delivery (*Only for shipments within Greece)

For shipments within Greece Cash on Delivery payment method is available. For Cash on Delivery there is an additional charge of € 3.00. For more information about shipping costs you can read the Shipping Terms section.

The tax is included on the prices displayed on our website. Until the full payment of the purchase price, the products remain the property of the vendor company.