Accounts created before March the 11th of 2020

Dear customer
We apologize for any inconvenience, but if you are a customer that you have created your account on TheOliveTree before March the 11th of 2020 take notice that your account is no longer available and you need to create a new one. We have made a huge upgrade on our website in order to enhance user experience. Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to retain during the upgrade the old account data of our customers. Customer data for accounts created before March the 11th of 2020 have all been erased from our servers.
So, if your account was created before our update of March the 11th, don’t try to login with your old password as your account is no longer active. Multiple attempts to login with the old password will lead up in to your ip address being blocked. Instead you should register for a new account.
We promise that register for a new account it’s as easy as one two three plus you will get an additional 5% off your first purchase. Just click the link in the bottom.
If despite this warning, you end up being blocked you should send us an email at with the email address or name of the account that you are trying to connect to and ask us to unblock you.
Τhank you for your understanding.

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