Aphrodite Olive Oil Reperative Therapy Leave-in Hair Serum

With avocado, argan, agave, carob, botanical keratin, quinoa, blue seakale

Aphrodite organic leave-in hair balm is a treatment for split ends which require intense nourishing and efficient protection. 97,3% natural organic leave-in hair serum consists of natural ingredients which predetermine its efficiency and multitask action:

restores healthy look and natural gloss;

creates protective layer;

makes your hair soft, silky and manageable, improving its combability;

reduces visible signs of weakness and stress;

nourishes, softens, moisturizes, restores hair shaft structure.


The natural formula of leave-in hair balm by Aphrodite is based on bioactive organic butter (argan, avocado, olive), phytokeratine and herbal extracts (carob, quinoa, agave).

Olive oil actively moisturizes your hair, softens and gives you natural gloss. Thus, this treatment works as an efficient revitalizing serum for hair gloss.

Argan butter tones hair from roots, makes it stronger and activates natural protective properties of the scalp and facilitates the growth of beautiful, lustrous and strong hair.

Carob extract gives your hair volume, makes it thicker, activates metabolic processes and sufficiently nourishes hair ends.

Quinoa proteins give your hair silky gloss, repairs hair shafts and thus efficiently protects split ends.

Herbal-derived keratin envelops hair shaft along its length, protecting from the hazardous influence of heat styling effects and environmental factors, thickening your hair and increasing visual volume.

Avocado butter, contained in leave-in hair balm, strengthens hair follicles, increases hair elasticity and firmness, and restores tissue structure.

Hair serum is enriched with such natural elements as agave extract and argan butter which help to balance activity of sebaceous and sweat glands thus reducing excessive sebum of the scalp epithelium.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: avocado, argan, agave, carob, botanical keratin, quinoa, blue seakale.

97.3% natural





Aphrodite cosmetics'  olive oil based emulsifying system, generates biomimetic skin-compatible liquid crystals that act as a delivery system that allows plant based ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis for a more targeted and effective result. Aphrodite avoids the use of: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, artificial colorings, silicones, GMOs, propylene glycol, urea, alcohol, methylchloroisothiazolinone / methylisothiazoline, BHA, BHT. All packaging is made with recyclable material.

Hair Care Aphrodite Olive Oil Reperative Therapy Leave-in Hair Serum

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