Aphrodite Olive Oil & Donkey Milk Anti-wrinkle & Anti-pollution Eye Cream

An advanced formula with inca inchi oil, cotton stem cells and moringa peptides

Fast-acting anti-wrinkle eye cream by Aphrodite is a newly developed anti-ageing treatment aimed at anti-pollution protection (free radicals, exhaust fumes, smoking, urban pollution, solar radiation, temperature drops, etc.). An outstanding combination of natural ingredients (96,2%) facilitates multi-approach care for eye skin area:

eliminates first skin aging signs (dark circles, puffiness), soothes skin tone, reduces wrinkles;

activates protective function;

restores natural cellular potential.

The innovative anti-pollution cream formula is based on organic constituents with outstanding revitalizing and anti-ageing properties:

argan butter: accelerates cells regeneration, prevents premature skin aging;

extract of evening primrose stimulates oxygen exchange, reduces pigmentation thus removing dark circles;

shea butter has cicatrizing, sun-protecting and revitalizing properties that help to protect your eye skin from UV and other hazardous influences;

coenzyme Q10: has draining properties, generates intercellular connections, reduces wrinkles and increases skin firmness;

horse chestnut extract: removes puffiness, strengthens capillary walls and activates blood circulation;

hyaluronic acid: sufficiently moisturizes dry skin and stimulates collagen production that helps to reduce expression wrinkles in eye skin area;

grape juice is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants providing rejuvenating effect and nourishing your skin with natural energy.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: donkey milk, inca inchi, evening primrose, argan, shea butter, moringa peptides, cotton stem cells, red seaweed, horse chestnut escin, sophora japonica quercetin.

96.2% natural



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Aphrodite Olive Oil & Donkey Milk

Eye Care Aphrodite Olive Oil & Donkey Milk Anti-wrinkle & Anti-pollution Eye Cream

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