Aphrodite Olive Oil & Donkey Milk the Youth Elixir Body Lotion

Moisturizing & anti-ageing.With donkey milk,cross linked hyaluronic acid,avocado & borage

Aphrodite elaborated a body lotion with almond, donkey milk, and borage. It was specially created for moisturizing and skin anti-ageing.


Active components:

The combination of such strong antioxidants as donkey milk, vitamin E, almond and avocado butter facilitates collagen synthesis and prevents premature skin aging by deep nourishing, softening and moisturizing and protecting its elasticity and firmness. Besides, blend of donkey milk and vitamin E has healing properties and helps to smooth sensitive skin, reduce irritation and flaking. Borage extract provides anti-inflammatory effect and helps to deal with psoriasis, eczema and impetiginous skin diseases. Due to an extract of mountain arnica the lotion reduces bruises and puffiness, eliminates tiredness and inflammation. Macadamia nut butter is famous for its outstanding cicatrizing properties and perfectly treats burn injuries, scars and stretches. Panthenol activates revitalization of epidermal barrier and damaged skin epithelium. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid helps to normalize hydrophile-lipophile balance and lavishly moisturizes your skin.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: donkey milk, avocado, almond, borage, arnica, vitamin E, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, macadamia

97.1% natural




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Aphrodite Olive Oil & Donkey Milk

Body Care Aphrodite Olive Oil & Donkey Milk the Youth Elixir Body Lotion

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