Since 2004, the company «The Olive Tree» produces and trade Greek natural cosmetics based on the olive oil. The very first store, called «The olive tree», opened 12 years ago in the heart of Athens, in the historic district of Plaka. Our philosophy is love about nature and the Greek land, we managed to produce natural, Greek cosmetics in order to satisfy the scincare needs of the consumer society.

The main source and creator of the company was the Prifti Family, they had the vision to create a brand which is going to be established in the worldwide market. «The Olive Tree» used to be and always will be the company with the best natural cosmetics based on the olive tree.

At 2006, after a long term course in the world of natural cosmetics, it was about time to take the big step. The technological developments of the market, were «the Olive Tree» operates, surrendered to attend at the creation of the e-shop, and made a big entrance to the electronic commerce, somehow the company established her name in the worldwide market of natural cosmetics.

Our success is based on the respect that we show to our clients, we also provide services/advices and safety on every shipping.

The Logo «The Olive Tree»

The logo «The Olive Tree» is just on the point cause is matching to our company philosophy. The words «olivetree» comes from the ancient roman language and in Greek means the tree that gives birth to olives were they provide the olive oil, which is the main ingredient of our products. The words «The Olive Tree» are surrendered by two tree sticks in the shape an olive wreath. In the ancient Greece, olive wreaths were given to the Olympic champions as a tribute.

Natural Cosmetics based on Olive oil

Researchers of the human history claims that olive oil first tested by humans as a medicine for the skin.

Olive oil contains French acid tannins, iridoids, flavonoids, sugars and polyphenols that have strong antioxidant, anti-aging, softening, moisturizing, firming and anti-irritant action, which reconfigures the versatile active of aging in the creation of cosmetics of high quality.

At «The Olive Tree» stores you will find a unique line of natural cosmetics that secure a whole effective coverage of the needs for face, body and hair. All cosmetics are based on natural and scientifically tested ingredients, many of the them deriving by certified organic farms. Moreover, the drastically ingredients are certified by specifically research and approve the effectiveness of the cosmetics.

The Olive Tree - Olive Oil Cosmetics and Natural Skin Care


Adrianou 65 Plaka,
10556, Athens, Greece
+30 212 95 500 80

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