Aloe vera in cosmetics

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The use of aloe vera in skin care comes as no surprise as it’s a successful, effective skincare ingredient for a long time now. The plant offers many benefits for the skin and hair and its properties have been recognised for thousands of years in traditional medicine.

Use of the plant in cosmetics

As a cosmetic ingredient, aloe vera is used in many skincare and cosmetic’s products. The plant is very skin-friendly and has a low risk of causing allergies, sensitivity or skin reactions.  It is used as a common ingredient in after-sun products, and in face, hair and body care.

Among Aloe vera’s active components, we find lipophilic and hydro-soluble vitamins, minerals, enzymes, simple and complex polysaccharides, phenolic compounds and organic acids, all the above together are responsible for aloe vera’s properties.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel comes from the inner part of the aloe vera plant. It has great moisturising properties. That’s because it is rich in polysaccharides, which also give it a gel-like appearance and they are highly hygroscopic (water-loving) and bind to moisture. Its structure forms a protective film for the skin, which give it its healing properties. It also helps protection of the epidermis and the skin’s ability to restore itself.

Aloe vera properties in skin care

Aloe vera moisturizes and soothes the skin. It also has an anti-inflammatory  action as well as a repairing one.

Cosmetics with aloe vera

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