Since 2004, “Olive Tree” has been producing and marketing Greek natural cosmetics, based on olive oil. The first store “The Olive Tree” opened its doors to the historic center of Athens, Plaka 13 years ago, having as a philosophy the love for nature and the Greek land and aiming to offer quality, natural, Greek cosmetics, competent to meet the needs of the personal care of the consumer. Inspirer and founder of the company was the Prifti family, which made its vision a reality, creating a brand that was able to establish itself in the global market. «The Olive Tree» used to be and always will be the company with the best natural cosmetics based on the olive tree.

In 2006, after a long-term course in the field of natural cosmetics, the time has come for the big step. The technological developments and the constantly changing market environment in which “The Olive Tree” operates were the springboard for the creation of the e-shop ” www.theolivetree.com”, with which made it’s entrance into electronic commerce and was it’s ticket for the introduction into the global cosmetics market.

Respect for the customer, the services / advice we offer and security on our shippings are the elements of our success. It is the absolute confidence that our customers show us all over the world.

The Logo «The Olive Tree»

The logo «The Olive Tree» matches our company philosophy. The words «olive tree» in Greek mean the tree that gives birth to olives were they provide the olive oil, which is the main ingredient of our products. The words «The Olive Tree» are surrounded by two branches in the shape of an olive wreath. In the ancient Greece, olive wreaths were given to the Olympic champions as a tribute.

Natural Cosmetics based on Olive oil

Researchers of the human history claim that olive oil first tested by humans as a medicine for the skin. Olive oil contains French acid tannins, iridoids, flavonoids, sugars and polyphenols that have strong antioxidant, anti-aging, softening, moisturizing, firming and anti-irritant properties, making it a multipotent active agent for creating high-quality cosmetics.
In The Olive Tree stores you will find unique series of natural cosmetics that ensure complete and effective coverage of the needs of facial, body and hair care. All cosmetics are based on olive oil, they are natural and scientifically tested – many of the herbal ingredients used are from certified organic crops – while their active ingredients are covered by special studies that prove their effectiveness